Pandemic Precautions - Risk Assessment and Actions

Thanks to some incredible work by our Government, health professionals and scientists we are starting to emerge from the worst public health emergency in 100 years caused by COVID19.

Our focus throughout has been the ongoing safety of our customers and their staff as well as our own welfare.

We have continued to operate by e-mail and video conferencing but have carried out a thorough risk assessment covering our medium to long term operations:

  • In our opinion COVID19 will be present for some considerable time to come.
  • Some face to face meetings and travel will be unavoidable especially in connection with standards implementation.
  • We will continue to maximise our use of e-mail and video calls (Skype, Zoom. Facetime)
  • To avoid unnecessary exposure to infection when travelling we will avoid busy  communal areas such as motorway services, restaurants and hotels.

    As a committment to our customers we have sourced a self-contained motorhome to enable safe site visits
  • We will continue to observe all Government reccomendations and instructions concerning face covering, social distancing and any other protocols to safeguard our customers.

  • If you have any questions or concerns please contact us