Facilitator Overview

This course can be taken as a residential seminar

The immediate challenge to a business of any size implementing Collaborative Working is that of achieving cultural change throughout the organisation.

The classic approach is to select the most collaborative individuals in a team to facilitate the process – and thus seed the organisation with a thorough knowledge of best practice.

The Facilitator course has been designed to build on the basic knowledge achieved through the Foundation Course and is conventionally taught to groups of between six and ten delegates over two days in a residential situation.

Facilitator Seminar Content

The course will include the following:

·         ISO11000 revision – structure and content of the Standard.

·         Collaborative Working in the modern supply chain.

·         Collaborative relationships, legal structures and contracts.

·         Knowledge sharing.

·         Behaviours – further considerations.

·         The Relationship Management Plan.

·         Problem solving and Value Creation in practice.

·         Practical applications of Collaborative Working.

·         The journey to formal certification.

Course Requirements

The delegates will need to have successfully completed the ISO11000 Foundation Course.

Training Outcomes

The learning objectives are for delegates to gain

·         A better understanding of the benefits and challenges of collaborative working.

·         A clear view of collaborative working in the modern supply chain.

·         Further insight into collaborative behaviours and how they influence others.

·         A forward plan.

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