Internal Auditor Seminar Overview

ISO11000 Collaborative Business Relationships is part process, part application and behaviours and is one of the first of a new generation of public standards.

The purpose of the Internal Auditor course is to equip delegates with a clear understanding of the philosophy of ISO11000 as well as the knowledge needed to carry out practical assessment of its application.

The Internal Auditor course has been designed to build on the basic knowledge achieved through the Foundation Course and is delivered via our e-learning platform..

Internal Auditor Seminar Content

The course will include the following:

·         ISO11000 revision – structure and content of the Standard

·         Assessing collaborative relationships, legal structures and contracts.

·         Measurements.

·         Documentation and knowledge sharing.

·         Assessing the Relationship Management Plan.

·         Value Creation in practice.

·         Overall assessment and determining maturity.

·         The journey to formal certification

Course Requirements

The delegates will need to have successfully completed the ISO11000 Foundation Course.

It is anticipated that internal auditors will have acted in a similar capacity supporting a related standard ISO9001:2008 or ideally ISO9001:2015.

Training Outcomes

The learning objectives are for delegates to gain

  • A better understanding of the benefits and challenges of collaborative working.
  • A clear view of how to assess collaborative working in the modern supply chain to ISO11000.

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